NewScientist: “Pill of super-protective ‘heavy’ fat may be key to eternal youth”

Once again the article title is a bit too enthusiastic: the pill, assuming it works as it should, would protect only against one type of ageing damage, so it’s not the “key” to eternal youth, but it would be a good step forward, I guess.
“Mikhail Shchepinov, director of Retrotope, a biotech company based in Los Altos, California, wants eventually to slow down the ageing process. But he is starting with a related problem – treating the inherited movement disorder Friedreich’s ataxia, with which ageing shares a mechanism. They are both caused, in part, by a molecular attack on our cells. Shchepinov’s idea is to counteract this assault by reinforcing our cells’ defences, slowing the progression of this incurable disease. If it works, it should demonstrate that the approach is also suitable for tackling ageing.”
The full article is on NewScientist.