Sciencealert: “drug that rejuvenates ageing muscle and brain tissue” identified

According to this article, “scientists have identified a drug that simultaneously makes ageing muscle and brain tissue in mice act young again. The research is in its very early stages, but this could represent the first step towards a treatment that restores youth to multiple parts of the body at once”. In my limited understanding, this is pretty much what RepleniSENS would be about: use cell therapy to replace cells that are not being automatically replaced, although I would have a hard time saying if this is how it is envisioned in the SENS platform or not—according to the article, stem cells would in this case be perked up by means of a drug called Alk5 kinase inhibitor. The drug, says David Schaffer from the Berkeley Stem Cell Centre in the US, is capable of rescuing “essential function” in both brain and muscle tissue of aged mice.
The article does point out that this isn’t the only aspect involved in the ageing process and others need to be taken into account as well; what strikes me the most, though, is that the article also says that “of course we’re a long way off that [having body capable of stay healthy and young indefinitely], but it’s pretty exciting to think that we’re finally beginning to understand how our body ages… and how to reverse the process “. It looks like that at least somebody sees the potential of rejuvenation for what it is, instead of seeing it as a catastrophe! And If you look at the bottom of the article, you’ll see that it’s not the only one about ageing and therapies against it.
I like where this is going. 🙂