DRACO crowdfunding campaign

You probably remember my post about DRACOs, the experimental broad-spectrum antiviral drugs with the potential of getting humanity rid of virtually all viruses. You might also remember that, at the time, the problem was that Dr. Todd Rider, the man behind DRACOs, was unable to continue his research for lack of both funding and a laboratory. The bad news is that the situation is unchanged; the good news, though, is that starting October 1st, 2015, Sabrina Montgomery/Killing Sickness (formerly know as The DRACO Fund) is starting a crowdfunding campaign to get Dr. Rider the means he needs to continue his research. If you wish to stay up to date about the details of the campaign, you can subscribe to its mailing list, and if you haven’t already, I recommend you sign the petition to push NIH (the American National Institute of Health) and The White House to provide funding to DRACO research. The petition currently counts 254 signatures and the goal is 500.  Spread the word, folks.