Crowdfunding anti-ageing science

I’m pleased to break my temporary silence with exciting news:, a crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to longevity research projects, has been recently launched. Their first—and, at present time, only—crowdfunding project is nothing less than MitoSENS. The crowdfunding campaign for this project will last until October 25th, 2015, and has a goal of 30.000$. Pledged funds thus far amount to 2.131$ (it’s interesting to note that, when I first saw the page yesterday night, that amount was around 1.600$). Depending on the amout you’ll decide to pledge, you can choose a nice reward for yourself among many options, ranging from gadgets to getting to meet the SENS team.
I may be an incurable optimist, but I do think that the anti-ageing movement is about to take off for real, and before you know it, its popularity will start to grow exponentially. You can contribute to that growth even with just as little as letting your friends and family know about this new crowdfunding initiative.