Update bundle #2

It’s been quite a while, and my schedule is no less hectic than before, unfortunately. I cannot yet get around shortening my to-post list, but I can’t help writing something about some good and important news.

Lifespan.io’s crowdfunding project for MitoSENS: When the campaign started, on August 25th, I didn’t know what to expect, and I probably wasn’t expecting much at all. However, much to my delight, about ten days later, roughly 40% of the 30.000$-goal was already pledged, and now, twenty-six days before the end of the campaign, the project is 102% funded (so there is almost one more month to make that percentage grow even higher). It’s a clear sign that people are becoming more and more aware that ageing is a medical problem that we can and must address.

FightAging!’s matching fundraiser starts on October 1st: FA!’s annual fundraiser is set to start tomorrow, This year’s matching fund amounts to 125.000$, so for every 1$ you donate, 1$ will be unlocked form the fund; the goal is to raise a grand total of 250.000$ by the end of the year. Let’s all help to make this goal come true—remember, every donation counts, however small.

Killingsickness’ Indiegogo campaign: On October 6th, Killingsickness will launch their crowdfunding campaign to finance research on DRACO, a broad-spectrum antiviral drug that holds the promise of putting an end to nearly all viral diseases. You can join their mailing list to keep up-to-date with their progress and news.

UPDATE : I had forgot something.

Lifespan.io’s longevity challenge: Lifespan.io challenges you to help the cause either by donating or by publishing a picture or video on your social media to tell your friends why you care about healthy lifespan extension. The challenge will last for the whole month of October.