In the past few weeks months I didn’t manage to post much, even though there would’ve been things worth mentioning. Quite frankly, I think that making a new blog post everytime there’s an interesting article or video to point out is quite impractical, and so is making an update-bundle post with a bunch of things in it; I think I will reserve blog posts for primarily advocacy matters from now on (the same ones on the previously mentioned ever-growing list that never shortens), and everytime I bump into a website, article, video, initiative, and anything else concerning the topic of rejuvenation worth your attention, I will tweet about it on my brand-new twitter account. Beware, though: It’s not a rejuvenaction-specific account, but rather my personal account, so I will likely tweet about other things as well. At the moment there is literally nothing there, but there’ll be more as soon as I get into the habit of tweeting.