Get in touch

If you have suggestions, constructive criticism, questions, ideas, etc, the most direct way to get in touch with me is sending me an email to sensthusiast at gmail dot com. Please, do let me know if you find any broken links on the website; every now and again I may change Rejuvenaction‘s structure around, and broken links are bound to happen especially on older blog posts.

Remember that I’m not SENS, Aubrey de Grey, etc, so if you have questions for them, you should ask them directly!

Other ways you can get in touch are Twitter or Rejuvenaction‘s Facebook page.

NOTE: please, unless we know each other in real life, or we work together on a project, do not send me a friend request on Facebook or LinkedIn. I appreciate the intention and the fact supporters are building a community, but I’m getting more and more of these requests; the result is that my Facebook wall is full of posts of people whom I have never even met or spoken to in my life, which is rather silly… If you’d like to stay up to date with my work for the rejuvenation cause, please do so using the methods outlined above. Thanks for understanding! 🙂

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