This blog and I

I have been a sympathiser with the rejuvenation cause since 2011, and I am an active advocate since 2015, when I first launched Rejuvenaction; Rejuvenaction Italia, this site’s Italian version, was launched during the second half of 2017, when I started realising that the movement was growing larger and there was thus need to spread awareness in other languages than just English. I hope my efforts may prove useful. I work with LEAF since late 2016, and it has been a fully gratifying experience. It is truly stimulating and rewarding to work with like-minded people and help, in my own small way, to bring an end to ageing.

I am a mathematician and programmer, and I’d like to take another master’s degree, this time in biology—though for the time being this is just an idea an not a concrete plan. I have been working on a science fiction series—The Elynx Saga—for several years now, though I published its first title only recently, in both English and Italian. The whole series is published under a Creative Common Licence and is freely available for download from its website.

Every now and again I reshare interesting tweets on my Twitter account.

The reason I created Rejuvenaction and its Italian counterpart should be pretty clear by now, therefore I won’t dwell on it. If you’re wondering what is the thingy I use as a logo, that’s a hydra, a lovely tiny aquatic creature who does not age and was thus the perfect choice. You can follow this blog via email (there’s a button to do so on the sidebar), or through its RSS feed, or its Facebook page.

NOTE: please, unless we know each other in real life, or we work together on a project, do not send me a friend request on Facebook or LinkedIn. I appreciate the intention and the fact supporters are building a community, but I’m getting more and more of these requests; the result is that my Facebook wall is full of posts of people whom I have never even met or spoken to in my life, which is rather silly… If you’d like to stay up to date with my work for the rejuvenation cause, please do so using the methods outlined above. Thanks for understanding! 🙂

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