Over the years, I have learned it’s best to explain clearly what is ageing, why it is a problem, why people don’t see it as such, and how we can defeat ageing, before delving into the finer points of the topic of rejuvenation. This is exactly the point of this section, which I recommend you to read in the following order:

Why ageing is a problem: Let’s see why ageing is a problem that requires a solution.

Why people don’t see ageing as a problem: If ageing is a problem, why nearly no one is paying attention to it? Let’s see the reasons in this article.

What is biological ageing?: A short introduction explaining what is ageing, biologically speaking.

What is rejuvenation?: Intuitively, it may be clear what rejuvenation is, but it’s important to discuss the details to see we’re talking about a concrete possibility rather than a pipe dream.

What else can be done?: Besides rejuvenation, is there any other way you can combat your own ageing? Yes and no, though it’s more of a ‘no’ than a ‘yes’.