Answers to objections

Okay, if you’re here, it’s probably because you have an objection to rejuvenation. Objections to rejuvenation tend to be always the usual suspects, so odds are that I have already answered your concern and you’ll find my answer in one of the subsections. Beware, though: The purpose of my answers isn’t to prove that nothing could possibly go wrong if we developed rejuvenation. The purpose, as explained here, is twofold: pointing out typical misconception that lead people to raise the objections in the first place, and stimulating discussion, so that we figure out potential problems and prevent them before they can happen, however unlikely they may be.

A word of caution: Rejuvenation is not immortality. Rejuvenation is about health; it’s not about longevity and certainly not immortality, although eliminating age-related death would of course imply we’d all live much longer than we currently do. The acceptation of the word ‘immortality’ I use on this website is the quality of someone who cannot die. In that sense, I really don’t think immortality will be a thing, and sure enough it is not what rejuvenation is about. Rejuvenation is about not dying of age-related diseases. Period. Whether or not you ever die of something else is a different matter altogether. On the subject, people often jump from ‘never dying’ to ‘living forever’, a concept prone to different interpretations. To me, ‘living forever’ means that you live an infinite length of time. In this sense, even if you were to never die, you would not live forever, because at no point in time would an infinite length of time have passed. However, I do admit that ‘living forever’ is a convenient shorthand for ‘never dying’, so I will occasionally abuse the term to mean an indefinite—but not genuinely infinite—lifespan. Sometimes I write ‘forever’ in quotation marks to stress this meaning.

Your objection or concern may thus be about rejuvenation or about living ‘forever’, and that’s why there are two subsections addressing these topics separately. As you may have guessed, I don’t think any of these objections is a good reason not to develop rejuvenation, though most of them are genuinely worth discussing. Some others, pardon my bluntness, are downright dumb, so I hope you’ll excuse my occasional sarcasm. If you’re in a rush, you may want to have a look at All answers in short, which summarises all my answers.

Take your pick:

Objections to rejuvenation Objections to living ‘forever’ All answers in short

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