Answers to objections

There’s a bunch of objections people typically raise against rejuvenation. Particularly, they tend to associate rejuvenation with immortality (which is just wrong), and thus they also have objections to living ‘forever’. (I write ‘forever’ because the very idea, as in living for an infinite length of time, doesn’t even mean anything. Sometimes I was lazy and dropped the quotation marks, but what I mean by living forever—or ‘forever’—is that you can live potentially indefinitely, because age-related diseases and disabilities are not an issue any more.)

Rejuvenation is about health, not longevity, although eliminating age-related death would of course imply we’d all live much longer than we currently do. In this section, you’ll find a number of objections to rejuvenation and to living ‘forever’, and my responses to them. None of these objections is particularly valid, in my opinion, and some of them are downright dumb, so I hope you’ll excuse my occasional sarcasm. If you’re in a rush, you may want to have a look at All answers in short.

Take your pick:

Objections to rejuvenation Objections to living ‘forever’ All answers in short

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