Answers to objections

If you’re here, it’s probably because you have an objection to rejuvenation (or to the longevity deriving from it) that needs to be addressed. Such objections are generally all the same, therefore it is likely that I already have answered your question with one of the articles in this section.

Your objection or concern may be about rejuvenation per se, or about living ‘forever’ (indefinite lifespan); for this reason, I divided my articles into two different subsections. If you’re in a rush, you can try All answers in short.

My articles refer directly to the reader, just like this page does; this doesn’t mean I ‘accuse’ you of raising the objection discussed in a given article; I just prefer using a colloquial tone, just like if you and I were talking face to face.

Note: the point of my answers is not that of proving nothing can possibly go wrong if we create rejuvenation. The point, as I explained here, is that of showing how objections are typically the product of misconceptions, and also that of fostering social dialogue on the subject of rejuvenation, so that we talk about and prevent any potential problem before it manifests, however unlikely it may be.