Objections to living ‘forever’

Here’s a full list of objections and answers, for the benefit of readers with tiny screens who would have a hard time going through the menu. 🙂

The reason I often write ‘forever’ between quotes is that I mean an indefinite, but not infinite, time. An infinite time will never pass, therefore you couldn’t live for an infinitely long time even if you never died; this, however, does not mean that you will necessarily die at any point. Even if I leave quotes out, I always mean the same thing unless otherwise specified.

My articles refer directly to the reader, just like this page does; this doesn’t mean I ‘accuse’ you of raising the objection discussed in a given article; I just prefer using a colloquial tone, just like if you and I were talking face to face.

Note: Remember rejuvenation is not immortality. Rejuvenation is about health; it’s not about longevity—let alone immortality—though of course eradicating age-related diseases would imply a much longer lifespan. The definition of ‘immortality’ I adopt on this website is ‘inability to die’. In this sense, I doubt immortality will ever be possible, and it definitely will not be a consequence of rejuvenation, whose goal is to eliminate only one kind of causes of death, that is age-related diseases. Whether or not one dies of something else than these is a different story.

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