Tyrants would live forever

C’mon now. This isn’t even a serious objection.

Preamble: I’m sure this is obvious, and I have repeated it who knows how many times, but rejuvenation would not make you immortal. Rejuvenation saves your butt from diseases, not from bullets.

That being said, let’s stick to the topic of bullets and guns for a little while. This particular objection to rejuvenation is something like this: Tyrants and oppressors would sure do anything in their power to get their hands on rejuvenation and use it to perpetuate their dictatorship indefinitely. Since an everlasting dictatorship is bad, the rejuvenation therapies that might lead to it are bad too.

And since guns can be used to kill people, and killing people is bad, guns are bad too, amirite? Who cares guns can be used also by, say, a policeman to shoot dead a suicide bomber before he blows himself up taking a building full of people down with him? Guns can kill people. Guns are bad.

Forgive my sarcasm. The obvious teaching here can be summarised as follows: Things are not intrinsecally good or bad. Guns are not ‘bad’. You can use them for good or for bad, and do not forget ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are not absolute concepts. Whether something is good or bad depends on the observer. We can’t say that a universal cancer treatment would be ‘bad’ just because a dictator could use it to extend his nefarious existence, and same goes for rejuvenation therapies. This is particularly idiotic when you think that, for the sake of preventing all tyrants in the world from (potentially) living ‘forever’, we’d let every single human being on the planet suffer from, and die of, the diseases of old age. If you prick your ears up, you can distinctly hear the typical sound made by babies when you throw them away with the bath water.

But wait. We’re not done yet. Suppose we’re too dumb to notice all the obvious problems with this objection. Suppose we really don’t develop rejuvenation therapies in order to prevent tyrants from living forever. I mean, sure, that way they’d be granted to die of old age, but isn’t it a sucky plan to get rid of a dictator? ‘I know what we’re going to do to overthrow the oppressor! We’re going to sit around all our lives and wait until his heart stops!’ … Really devious. I’m no expert on the topic of rebellion, but I think the general consensus on ‘how to terminate dictatorships’ is that you try to kill (or at least arrest) the tyrant as soon as possible, way before he hits old age, and possibly before he can leave any successor around.

I think we’re done here.

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