Help the cause

I’m glad you want to help the cause. Before I tell you how you can contribute, though, there’s something I need to make clear.

Rejuvenation therapies do not exist as of yet. Don’t believe anyone saying you can already reverse or slow down ageing with diet, exercise, or anything else. Healthy habits are of course good for you and they increase your chances of seeing the day rejuvenation therapies will be real, but we’re simply not there yet. Only medical intervention may be able to put an end to ageing. End of the story.

SENS is not the only organisation working to defeat ageing. I’m a big fan of theirs, but we need to keep an open mind, and support all sorts of research meant to defeat ageing. You never know which ways will turn out to be a dead end, so it’s good to have backup plans and alternative approaches.

That being said, there are different ways you can help.


You can donate what you can to SENS Foundation, Methuselah Foundation, the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, or to the crowdfunding campaigns on to help speed up anti-ageing research.

SENS focuses mainly on the science of rejuvenation, while Methuselah focuses more on outreach. runs a variety crowdfunding projects related to ageing—several projects have been extremely successful, for example OncoSENS Ctrl ALT, Delete Cancer, or MMTP. is the crowdfunding branch of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF). I strongly recommend you check LEAF’s website out and keep an eye on the hashtags #aging #crowdfundthecure to stay up-to-date with all news from LEAF.

NOTE: I don’t handle donations and I have nothing to do with the donating process. I can’t and won’t accept donations on behalf of third parties.

If you’re an Amazon customer, you can donate to SENS everytime you shop on Amazon thanks to Amazon Smile. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your purchases to a charity of your choosing. All you need is an Amazon account, sign up for the option, and choose SENS as the charity you wish to donate to.

I am not aware of organisations working on different approaches and accepting donations, but if there are any and their reputation seems sound, donating to them can be a good idea too. Most of them are probably not swimming in money.


Advocacy is very important. The more people we get on board, the higher will be the pressure we can put on governments to start funding anti-ageing research for real. Without the support of the people, we won’t be able to go very far. You can help spread the word and make people realise ageing is a really bad thing and we need to do something about it.

Here are some suggestions on how to advocate for the cause of rejuvenation.

  • Familiarise yourself with the ageing process, the SENS approach, and the organisations working on ageing; read my Answers to objections section to get to know the most common objections to rejuvenation and how to rebut them. Make clear to yourself why we want to defeat ageing and why we say it’s a bad thing. Some of Aubrey de Grey’s talks are going to be helpful, too.
  • Talk about rejuvenation to your friends and family. Be prepared for a fierce opposition, lots of irrationality and hostility, and sometimes sarcastic contempt or paternalism: That’s the average reaction you’ll receive. This is why it’s important to educate yourself first. Keep a cool head and answer rationally, no matter how irrationally your interlocutors behave. In debate, you have to be ready to detect and rebut the logical fallacies your interlocutors commit and tend to go overlooked. This website and this list could be useful.
  • Share this website and others rejuvenation websites you know of on your social media: Facebook, twitter, forums, whatever you have. You can follow SENS and other relevant organizations on the main social media websites. This way you’ll keep up to date with what’s going on in the rejuvenation world. You can find a list of websites in the Links section.
  • Put up a website yourself to talk about the problem. These days it’s fairly easy to do and requires little-to-no technical knowledge if you use platforms like Blogger or WordPress.
  • Spread the knowledge in your own language. Reaching people who don’t speak English is important as well.
  • Lend out Ending Aging if you have it, or get an extra copy to donate to your local library.
  • Write to your local representatives to urge them to support anti-ageing research.
  • Aubrey de Grey gives a lot of talks and interviews these days. You can share them on your social media or forums you frequent. You can also suggest him as a guest speaker to your local news or radio companies, for example.


Are you a biologist, or are you studying to become one? You could consider studying the biology of ageing and other relevant aspects of the problem. I suggest you visit or, for example, to find out what you could specialise in. You could also get in touch with SENS Foundation—they’ll know what to tell you.

If you’re something else than a biologist, you think you could make it, and your life needs to be spiced up a bit with a new adventure, you might consider switching fields and become one of the scientists who work on the rejuvenation therapies of tomorrow.

Do you know any scientists in the field? Let them know about rejuvenation, but don’t give up if they dismiss it immediately as a fantasy: Scientists too tend to be conservative. Show them all the science resources there are around (visit the Links section, for example).

Thank you for for anything you can do!