Advocacy is really important. The more people we have on board in the fight against ageing, the better: The word will spread around more quickly, more funds will be collected, and more pressure we will be able to put on governments and politicians to start funding research properly. Without enough people, we won’t go very far. You can definitely help us make people understand that ageing is a huge problem and something must be done to put an end to it. Here’s how.


Presently, LEAF lives through the work of volunteers dedicating their time and talents to the cause. You can help LEAF in several ways: you can write advocacy articles, or if you have the expertise, science articles; programmers, graphic designers, and web designers can be useful as well; you don’t even need to have any special talent, even helping to share articles on social networks can be really helpful. To learn more and become a volunteer, visit this page.

If you’d like to get to know LEAF and the people in its community, you can do so by joining the public LEAF chat on Discord, a free text and voice chat originally meant for videogamers. You can run it on your computer or device, or just use the web interface on Discord’s website. The server to connect to is

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Spread the word

If we just chatted about the fight against ageing among ourselves and didn’t involve others who maybe hadn’t even heard about it before, we wouldn’t go very far. It is necessary to spread awareness among the people and make them understand why defeating ageing is important; we need to be able to address their concerns and doubts, and to convince them to help the cause in any way they can—or at least not to oppose it! Once critical mass will be reached, it will be easier to attract governments’ and politicians’ attention and hopefully make it so that the fight against ageing becomes a key point of any political party’s agenda. Here’s what you can do.

  • Talk about rejuvenation with your friends and family. Before you do so, though, I suggest you read this advocacy guide.
  • Follow LEAF, SENS, Methuselah, and other organisations of the field on their social media and share their posts on Facebook, Twitter, or other websites you use. You can find a list of all these organisations on this page.
  • Once you will feel sufficiently confident on the topic, you could put up a website to talk about it. You don’t need to be a web developer: Websites such as Blogger or WordPress let you put up a website with ease, little or no technical knowledge is required.
  • If you’re fluent in more than one language, spread the word in different languages. Presently, whoever doesn’t speak English is pretty much left out of the community (which is exactly why I translated this website in Italian.) This is especially relevant if you plan to create a website on the topic of rejuvenation: Rather than doing it in English, choose another language you’re fluent in, possibly that of a country where the news about rejuvenation hasn’t spread yet.
  • If you have books on the subject, suche as Ending Aging, lend them to other people, or get an extra copy to donate to your city library.
  • Share Aubrey de Grey’s talks on your social media or forums. If you have the chance, you could also suggest him as a guest speaker to your local TV or radio station. If you work for these, or have a YouTube channel, and you have the chance to talk about the issue yourself, do so!

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