If you’re a biologist, or you’re studying biology, you could consider specialising in the biology of ageing or other relevant fields (such as genetics). On Fight Aging! you’ll find more information on the science of rejuvenation, and you can find a guide on how to become a biogerontologist on João Pedro de Magalhães‘ website. (He’s a biogerontologist himself.) If you want to take part to SENS research, I suggest you get in touch with them directly. Among the links you’ll find research institutes where you may be able to pursue your studies.

Even if you’re not a biologist, you could always become one! Who knows, you might become one of the scientists working on the rejuvenation treatments of tomorrow.

If you have friends or colleagues in the field, talk to them about rejuvenation biotechnologies and see if they’re interested. Remember scientists can be conservative too, and don’t be discouraged if they don’t take you seriously at first. Suggestions you find on the advocacy guide apply to them too.

Last but not least: Are you an ageing scientist desperately looking for funding for your project? Submit your idea to

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