Hello! Welcome to Rejuvenaction.

If you’re new around here, you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m babbling about up there in the tag line. What is it we probably can do, and why must we do it?

Well, imagine.

Imagine a world where your well-being doesn’t depend on your age, and your health as a 90-year-old is indistinguishable from your health as a 25-year-old.

Imagine a world where the rhythm, milestones, and achievements of your life aren’t dictated by your age, but by your choices and your preferences. A world where it’s never too late to start a new career from scratch, or to become an athlete, or to have a family. A world where nothing pushes you to get pregnant now because one day it will be too late.

Imagine a world where the boundaries of the so-called stages of life blur, until they become meaningless: In this world, once you’re an adult you can be whatever you wish, whenever you wish. No need to worry about when it’s the ‘right time’ to have a family or a career, or to leave everything behind and explore yourself. It’s not a world where you need to worry about your limited lifespan, or about the fact the more you approach its end, the less able you will be to even just take care of yourself.

Imagine a world where biological ageing has been cured.

Wait. ‘Cured’? Why am I talking about ageing as if it were a disease? It’s just a stage of life, right? Nope. In fact, biological ageing is a collection of diseases that slowly take your health and eventually kill you. But wait—that’s normal, right? We are born, we live, and we die. It’s what every other creature does, right? Nope. It’s very common, but it’s not true of every living creature. Anyway, does ‘very common’ mean ‘right’? Is this what you really wish for yourself and your loved ones? Are you really okay with getting sicker and sicker as years go by? These are some of the questions I’d like to help you answer. And I bet you have many other questions, mostly in the form of objections: How is ageing a disease? Isn’t it just natural? Is this about living forever? Wouldn’t that be boring? What about overpopulation? What about evildoers living forever?

I’m sure you think the answers to these questions are so obvious that the idea of ‘curing ageing’ ought to be dismissed without further consideration. Even if not, you are probably thinking, you can’t ‘cure’ ageing; you can’t do anything about it. Well, if you’ll stick around here for a while, you will see why we probably can and certainly must cure ageing.

Let me help you start:

Ageing and SENS Answers to common objections
Why ageing is a problem Ageing is natural
Why people don’t see ageing as a problem Overpopulation
What is biological ageing? Pensions
What is SENS? Rejuvenation would be only for the rich
There are more urgent issues
Do your part Cultural stagnation
Help the cause Answers to all objections

However, a world without ageing is not here yet, and to make it real we need the support of everyone—yes, even yours. That’s why Rejuvenaction exists.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay and decide to join the cause.