On this page you’ll find links to external websites that are of companies/organizations who are tackling ageing, or are informative/educational about the topic, do advocacy, and so on. I organized this page into sections and I will update it everytime I find a new link worth posting. You can find even more links on de Magalhães’s links page mentioned below.

If you would like to suggest a website to be listed here, get in touch with me. (See column on the right.)


  • SENS Research Foundation: SRF explicitly aims at curing ageing by means of implementing the so-called Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, i.e. ways of obviating or repairing the various types of damage caused by biological ageing to human bodies. The chief science officer of SRF is Aubrey de Grey.
  • Project|21: SRF’s initiative meant to make the first rejuvenation human trials happne by 2021.
  • The Major Mouse Testing Program: MMPT focuses on one of the specific key-factors of ageing, namely senescent cells, and on ways to eliminate them from the body.
  • Human Longevity, Inc.: These guys are advancing the field of genomics and stem cell therapies to try and keep you healthy regardless of how old you are.
  • Google Calico: You read right. The Google-funded CAlifornia LIfe COmpany is one of the big players of the anti-ageing game, aiming to to devise interventions that slow aging and counteract age‑related diseases.
  • Buck Institute for research on ageing:The Buck Institute is the USA’s first independent research facility focused solely on understanding the connection between aging and chronic disease. Their mission is to increase the healthy years of life.
  • American Aging Association: A group of experts dedicated to understanding the basic mechanisms of aging and the development of interventions in age-related disease to increase healthy lifespan for all.
  • British Society for Research on Ageing: BSRA promotes research to understand the causes and effects of the ageing process.
  • National Institute on Aging: It funds the vast majority of ageing research in the world, and conducts research to understand the nature of aging, aiming to extend the health and well-being of all people.
  • Geron Corporation: This company works on the development of cancer treatments based on telomerase-inhibiting drugs.
  • Sierra Sciences, LLC: Founded by William H. Andrews, this company states its goal quite clearly: ‘Cure Aging or Die Trying’.
  • Glenn Laboratories: As stated on their website, the company ‘is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms of normal aging and the development of interventions to delay its onset and progression, thereby extending the healthy years of human life’; the company is co-directed by David Sinclair.
  • Betterhumans: This non-profit research organization received funding in 2015 ‘to carry out stem cell research and gene-editing experiments, with the express intention of delaying aging and rejuvenating vital organs’.
  • Supercentenarian Research Study: ‘The world’s most comprehensive study of supercentenarians and their families’.
  • BioViva Inc: Lead by CEO Elizabeth Parrish, BioViva researches to extend healthy lifespans by means of engineered genomics.
  • New Organ: New Organ works on resolving organ shortage by creating on-demand organs using the patient’s own cells as building block. This revolutionary branch of regenerative medicine has the potential of making organ donors, waiting lists, and organ rejection things of the past.
  • Organovo: Organovo is a company using their own proprietary bioprinting technology to create fully-functional, living human tissues that work like native ones.
  • Solving Organ Shortage: SOS is a platform whose mission is, verbatim, ‘to advance a novel, science-driven effort to regenerate or engineer replacement organs for transplantation by funding strategic, high-impact research initiatives.’
  • CellAge:CellAge is a startup based in Edinburgh working on gene therapy for senescent cells elimination.
  • Unity Biotechnologies:Unity is another biotech company whose works focuses on senolytics.
  • Oisin Biotechnologies:Another company focusing on the elimination of senescent cells.


  • The excellent website of João Pedro de Magalhães, PhD, deals in detail with both the science of and the advocacy for anti-ageing medicine; a good part of the links on this page are taken from his links page, and as you can see there, the list of organizations tackling ageing isn’t short.  The research work of de Magalhães focuses on increasing our knowledge of aging and on genomics, with the explicitly stated aim to lead one day to a cure for ageing.
  • Fight aging!: A SENS-focused blog treating both the science of anti-ageing medicine and the necessary advocacy work to get more people on board.
  • This website focuses on statistics on ageing.
  • /r/sens: Reddit’s SENS subreddit.
  • /r/longevity: A Reddit’s subreddit focused on longevity.
  • The war on aging: Tiny, straight-to-the-point website focused on SENS.
  • Water Bear Lair: The theme of this website is survival on a number of different levels, including that of ageing reversal.


  • Life Extension Advocacy Foundation: LEAF is an andvocacy and education non-profit that aims to spread the world about rejuvenation science and answer all the common concerns and objections people generally have. They also have a crowdfunding division entirely dedicated to financing anti-ageing research, (see below). Yours truly is on the team as well.
  • LEAF’s crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to longevity research projects.
  • Methuselah Foundation: This is the foundation from which SENS spun off; as they put it, they aim to ‘create a world where 90-year olds can be as healthy as 50-year olds—by 2030‘.
  • Longevity Alliance: These guys work to promote research to combat the ageing process and to raise social awareness of the ageing problem.
  • Jason Hope: Jason Hope is a entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor located in Scottsdale, Arizona with a passion for technology and giving back to his community. He actively supports SENS Research through advocacy and generous donations. He can also be found on Medium.
  • American Federation for Aging Research: The mission of this non-profit organization is to support and advance healthy aging through biomedical research.
  • Alliance for Aging Research: Another non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the pace of scientific discoveries and their application to vastly improve the universal human experience of aging and health.
  • Healthspan campaign: Held by the Alliance for Aging Research, the campaign advocates for research into the basic biology of ageing and aims to close the gap between the research and its clinical applications.


  • Advocate of Negligible Senescence: Facebook group advocating for negligible senscence for humans.
  • AFAR: Facebook page of the American Federation for Aging Research (see above).
  • AAR: Facebook page of the Alliance for Aging Research (see above).
  • SENS: SRF’s facebook page.
  • MFoundation: Methuselah Foundation’s facebook page.