Rejuvenation is good for your loved ones

Rejuvenation biotechnologies would bring significant benefits to individuals, but these benefits would indirectly extend to their families and friends too. The ways they can benefit from the rejuvenation of others might be not so obvious, so let’s have a look at them together.

No grieving for suffering or dying elderly

Nearly everyone knows how terrible it is to lose people dear to you. Maybe your grandparents died when you were a child, and that might have been your first encounter with death, at an age when you still couldn’t properly comprehend it. Maybe it happened suddenly, or maybe your grandparents have suffered for long before passing away. Eventually, the moment comes when you start thinking that the same fate awaits your parents, your siblings, your friends. Rejuvenation would spare you seeing your elderly relatives and friends wilt away, suffer and die, because none of that would happen to them. Of course, rejuvenation would spare this pain to your friends and relatives too. Your children and grandchildren would never have to see you become sicker and sicker as you age, and would never—in principle—have to bury you. Today, being 80 means you often have to attend the funeral of a dear friend who passed away. People who have been important parts of your life just keep dying. In a world where rejuvenation was the norm, this would be nothing but a distant memory of the sad times we used to live in.

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The elderly would no longer be a burden

The problem faced by your descendants isn’t just one of seeing you suffer from, and die of, ageing. Like it or not, the problem is of a rather practical nature as well. As you lose your independence and health to ageing, your family needs to step in and look after you. Sure enough your family will still love you, but you will become a burden on them. Not only will they have to bear with the pain of seeing you wilt away, but also with the difficulties that come with assisting you. In some cases, a retirement house might be the only option. It would hardly be an easy choice for your family to make or even just ask you to consider. Your children and grandchildren will face this problem, and so will you if you haven’t already. Rejuvenation would eliminate the problem altogether: As a rejuvenated elderly, you wouldn’t need any more looking after than you did in your 20s. What’s more, instead of being a burden, you’d be able to truly help out your kids with their own children, or in any other way they may need.

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Families and friendships can last as long as we want them to

Relationships of any kind don’t necessarily last for your entire life. Sometimes friendships fade away, and so does love. This occurrence can be quite sad as it is, but it can be even worse. If a friendship terminates because two people haven’t much in common any more is one thing; if it terminates because they died is a different matter altogether. Few things are as soul-crushing as having your soulmate of a lifetime taken away from you forever. Try to imagine how it may feel to lose your beloved spouse after 50 years together. Losing your siblings, the friends with whom you grew up, isn’t any better. Rejuvenation would put an end to all of this. With ageing out of the way, families, friendships, and relationships of any kind could in principle last as long as we wish them to.

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Your children won’t have to suffer from, and die of, age-related diseases

This bit is especially relevant to parents, but it also applies to just about anyone who cares for humanity of the future. If you’re a parent, your children are probably what you hold dear the most. You’d never want to see them suffer, let alone die. The pain would be unbearable. As things stand today, odds are that you will be dead well before your children show any significant symptom of ageing; you probably won’t see them suffer because of ageing, and you won’t see them die of it. Nonetheless, ageing will make them suffer and eventually kill them if we don’t create rejuvenation. The fact you may not live to see it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Like any good parent, you probably want to make sure you do anything you can to make your children’s lives better before you pass away. You don’t simply want to spare yourself the sight of your suffering children; odds are you want to spare them any unnecessary suffering. It might be that you won’t live long enough to benefit from rejuvenation, but your children stand a much better chance, especially if they are very young. Rejuvenation may save your children, and humanity of the future, from the diseases of ageing and an unnecessary death.

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