If you would like to learn more, these books will no doubt be useful. LEAF has another list as well.

Ending Aging

Aubrey de Grey, Michael Rae

More than a book, this is a declaration of war to ageing, a call for everyone to wake up from our collective Stockholm syndrome and fight against humanity’s oldest foe. Ending Aging explains, in great detail, how and why we should and could put an end to the age plague, and how SENS specifically sets out to do so. Although the book isn’t extremely technical, it may prove a demanding reading for readers who approach the subject for the first time. Besides the biology of ageing and rejuvenation, the authors discuss how ending ageing will affect society, and how to shorten the time it will take us to get to that point. This is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to know more and effectively advocate for the cause.

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Advancing Conversations: Aubrey de Grey

Douglas Lain

In this short book—fewer than 100 pages or so—Douglas Lain interviews Aubrey de Grey, giving the reader the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the views of the father of SENS. In a simple and absolutely non-technical language, Aubrey explains the science of SENS, the difficulties between us and an ageless world, and more; it is the perfect introduction for whoever would rather start somewhere easier than Ending Aging.

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The Abolition of Aging

David Wood

This book was the result of a decade of research by futurist David Wood; it explains how the defeat of ageing is feasible within a relatively short time, and why we should all endeavour to reach this goal. The author refutes traditional objections to rejuvenation, and explains the psychological reasons that push people to think rejuvenation is impossible or undesirable.

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Jim Mellon, Al Chalabi

Although I don’t like talking about the economical profits that rejuvenation may bring, it is obvious that, without investors and their capital, rejuvenation will never come to be. Juvenescence is meant for whoever is interested in the new investment opportunity offered by rejuvenation biotechnologies, and discusses in great detail both the present-day and the coming biotechnological revolution. The authors—renowned experts in the investment field—offer their insights and advice to whoever would like to invest in the nascent sector of rejuvenation biotechnologies.

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A History of Life-Extensionism in the Twentieth Century

Ilia Stambler

In this book, dr. Ilia Stambler explores the history of life-extensionism in the twentieth centuries. Scientific and technological feasibility of human life beyond what’s normally thought to be possible isn’t the only topic of the book; the desirability of this goal and the ethical reasons to pursue it are discussed as well. On the author’s website, you’ll have the chance to buy the book or download it for free.

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Death is Wrong

Gennady Stolyarow, Wendy Stolyarov

In this short book, which the author defines a ‘children book’, we are told the story of how Gennady first discovered at a very young age what is death. Horrified by this discovery, the author instantaneously turned into an ardent opponent of death. The book explains in very simple terms why death is wrong, how and why we should fight against it, and answers to some typical objections. Although I do not believe this book to be suitable for children (both because of the topic itself and its complexity), it is definitely a good reading for anyone who is at least a teenager, and an excellent way to dismantle the stale cliché according to which there’s no reason to fear or fight death. On the book’s official website, you will be able to choose whether you wish to buy the book or download it for free in PDF format. The book is available in several languages.

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