The following is a list of links to third-parties working on rejuvenation, studying the biology of ageing, or anyway supporting the cause of rejuvenation. More exhaustive lists can be found on de Magalhães’ website and Fight Aging! (keep an eye on FA!’s sidebar as well.)

If you’d like to suggest a link, let me know.

  • Advocate of Negligible Senescence
    Advocate of negligible senescence is a rejuvenation advocacy page on Facebook.
    AgingStat is a US government website about statistics on ageing.
  • American Federation for Aging Research
    AFAR is a non-profit whose goal is supporting and advancing biomedical research on ageing.
  • Alliance for Aging Research
    AAR is a non-profit endeavouring to speed up scientific research and its applications to improve human health during ageing.
  • American Aging Association
    The American Aging Association is a group of experts dedicated to understanding the fundamental mechanisms of ageing and developing interventions to extend healthy lifespan.
  • Betterhumans
    Better Humans is a non-profit research organisation. In 2015, they received fundings to carry out research on stem cells and gene editing aimed at slowing down ageing and rejuvenating vital organs.
  • British Society for Research on Ageing
    BSRA promotes research to understand causes and effects of the ageing process.
  • Buck Institute for Research on Aging
    The Buck Institute is the US’ first independent research facility entirely dedicated to the study of the connection between ageing and chronic diseases. Its mission is to extend healthy lifespan.
  • Calico
    Calico, or California Life Company, is a Google-created (yes, that Google) company studying how to slow down ageing and cure age-related diseases.
  • CellAge
    CellAge is a startup based in Edinburgh working on senescent cell clearance through genetic means.
  • Fight Aging!
    Fight Aging! is among the first (if not the first) blog entirely devoted to rejuvenation biotechs and SENS especially. Although FA! is more science-focused, it does deal with advocacy and all other aspects of the rejuvenation cause as well.
  • Forever Healthy
    Michael Greve’s Forever Healthy foundation finances scientific research to enable people stay healthy no matter their age.
  • Geron Corporation
    Geron Corporation works on anti-cancer therapies based on telomerase-inhibiting drugs.
  • Healthspan campaign
    AAR’s (see above) Healthspan campaign aims to spread awareness among the public about ageing research, and works to bridge the gap between research itself and its clinical applications.
  • Human Longevity, Inc.
    Human Longevity works on genomics and stem cells, in an attempt to extend human health (and thus, life.)
  • Jason Hope
    Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a passion for technology and giving back to his community. He regularly supports SENS both through advocacy and generous donations.
  • Life Extension Advocacy Foundation
    LEAF is the engine room of rejuvenation advocacy all over the world. A non-profit working to educate the public on the science, ethics, and social implications of rejuvenation, LEAF also organises crowdfunding campaigns to finance research against ageing. Since 2016, I have the privilege to help them in their mission.
  • is LEAF’s crowdfunding platform to fund research against ageing.
  • International Longevity Alliance
    The International Longevity Alliance works to promote research against the ageing process and spread awareness on the rejuvenation cause.
  • Longevity for All
    Longevity for All is a website run by dr. Ilia Stambler, discussing the ethical reasons for life extensionism, rejuvenation science, and advocacy.
  • Major Mouse Testing Program
    MMTP is a research project to test senolytic drugs on mice. MMTP was’s first crowdfunding project.
  • Methuselah Foundation
    Methuselah Foundation was the original organisation which SENS spun off of. Its goal is to finance research and advocacy projects to ‘create a world where 90-year-olds can be as healthy as 50-year-olds—by 2030’
  • National Institute on Aging
    NIA finances the vast majority of ageing research in the world, and carries out research of its own on the nature of ageing, aiming to extend people’s healthspan and well-being.
  • New Organ
    New Organ is a company born thanks to the efforts of Methuselah Foundation (see above). It focuses on regenerative medicine to create organs on demand, using the patients’ own cells. This kind of technology could make organ donations and waiting lists a thing of the past.
  • Oisin Biotechnologies
    Oisin iss one of the many companies working on senescent cell clearance.
  • Organovo
    Organovo is a bioprinting company, i.e. they work on technologies to ‘print’ fully functional human tissue.
  • Project|21
    Project|21 is a SENS initiative to collect the necessary funding to launch the first rejuvenation biotechnology human trials by 2021.
  • is dr. João Pedro de Magalhães’ excellent website discussing the details of the biology of ageing. It also talks about advocacy and other aspects of the matter.
  • SENS Research Foundation
    SENS is the engine room of the nascent rejuvenation biotechnology industry, furthering research both through their own intramural projects and financing extramural research in univeristies and labs all over the world.
  • Solving Organ Shortage
    SOS works on organ regeneration and lab-grown organs for transplants.
  • /r/longevity
    If you’re a user on Reddit, this is a subreddit dedicated to longevity.
  • /r/sens
    If you’re a user on Reddit, SENS’ subreddit may be of interest for you.
  • Supercentenarian Research Study
    The Supercentenarian Study the world’s largest research project studying supercentenarians and their families, run by Better Humans.
  • The War on Aging
    The War on Aging is a tiny, straight-to-the-point website dedicated to SENS.
  • Unity Biotechnologies
    Unity was born thanks to the help of Buck Institute’s professor Judy Campisi; like many others, they work on senolytic drugs, and should launch their first clinical trials in 2017.

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