About SRF Summer Scholars and the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference

Although I’m a bit late in the game, I must definitely spend some words on the efforts that SENS Research Foundation puts into outreach and the education of young scientists—the very same ones that, hopefully soon enough, will play a crucial role in the development of the medical breakthroughs that are going to relegate ageing to history books.

SRF offers a summer scholars programme each year, giving undergraduate students the opportunity to work in the emerging, exciting field of regenerative medicine, and conduct research to tackle age-related diseases. As stated on the relevant webpage,

Under the guidance of a scientific mentor, each Summer Scholar conducts his or her own research project in such areas as tissue engineering, genetic engineering, and science policy. The Summer Scholars Program emphasizes development of not only laboratory skills but also communication skills as well. Students participating in the program hone their writing skills via periodic reports, which are designed to emulate text scientists commonly must produce. The program culminates with the students presenting the results of their summer research to scientists from other research institutions at a poster session at the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference at the end of the summer.

If you’re an undergraduate in a relevant field looking for a great opportunity to do cutting-edge research and kickstart your scientific career, I’m sure this would be a great chance and it would make an extremely fine addition to your CV. You can get an idea of the projects you could be working on, and the caliber of the scientists you’d be working with, by giving a look to the description page for the projects of this year. Unfortunately, it’s too late to join the programme of 2015, but there will certainly be others in years to come; if you’re interested, I recommend you to keep an eye on SRF’s Research Opportunities page to find out how to apply, what for and about the criteria for eligibility.

In the meantime, you can have a look at what this year’s students have to say about the programme in the video below; I would also like to remind you about the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conferece 2015 (RB2015)—where the students eventually present their projects—held this year in San Francisco at the end of the summer. If you wish to attend as a member of the audience you can register here. They generally have big discounts if you register early enough, but as said I am late in the game and in fact the discount period ends today. Worst-case scenario, you’re prepared for next year 😛

Annual fundraiser by ‘Fight Aging!’

Chances are that, if you know of my website, then you already know of Fight Aging!, one of the most well-known websites advocating for the development of rejuvenation biotechnologies, and for SENS in particular. The website hosts a number of resources on the topic of anti-ageing science, but what I would like to focus on here is FA!’s annual fundraiser. The campaign aims to find philantropists who are willing to contribute to anti-ageing research by means of charitable donations. In year 2014, FA! managed to put together a matching fund of 100.000$, which together with the individual donations of people like you and me reached a total of 150.000$ that went straight to SENS Research Foundation’s budget. The remarkable thing is that the last 50.000$ were collected in the last three months of the year—as you can see, people are getting more and more interested into rejuvenation research, and it is even more evident when you consider that the same campaign in year 2013 had reached only about half of what was reached in 2014.
At the moment, the matching fund is 45.000$.

Do you think you could be a matching funder? Do you know anyone who could be? Please get in touch with Reason of FA!. Even if you can’t be a matching funder and don’t know anyone who could, I suggest you spread the word about the campaign, to increase the chances of finding new donors. Also, you can still contribute to SENS research with even a very modest donation—every cent matters. You can make your donation through SENS’s donations page. Thanks!

Two for the price of one

Yesterday I was looking for a short video of dr. de Grey to serve as a quick introduction for newbies, but I couldn’t find any that was very short, so I had to be content with what I published. As per usual, when you look for something you don’t find it, and when you don’t look for it, you bump into it! Not one, but two short videos: SENS and de Grey hitting the news on CCTV.


A video-primer on rejuvenation

For the benefit of the newbies of the rejuvenation world, I spent some time trying to dig out the clearest, shortest and most to-the-point talk by Aubrey de Grey on the topic of what ageing is and how we can cure it. I would really have wanted to find something along the lines of 5 minutes, for the sake of even the most impatient of my readers, but I thought I’d sacrifice shortness to clarity. The video is still reasonably short (20 minutes).
Please, do disregard the word “immortality” that somebody thought smart to put in the title; rejuvenation is not about immortality, it’s about health. However, the i-word attracts a lot more attention (even though most people seems to dread the thought of never dying), so often it ends up attached to SRF’s work, despite bearing no connection whatsoever with it.


Hello everyone – new and old rejuvenation advocates and future ones alike!

This post is only meant to inaugurate the blog and welcome everyone on board; at the moment I haven’t much else to add to it, but I follow quite attentively what happens in the world of rejuvenation, so stay tuned because updates are bound to happen.
I would just like to briefly explain why, as you may have noticed, you can’t leave comments anywhere on the site. I’m not trying to censor anyone, neither am I afraid of debate; quite the opposite, I hope to get people to discuss the topic of rejuvenation at length. This website, however, isn’t meant as a discussion space: it’s meant exclusively to inform people and give them food for thought. Other websites that I linked in the Resources section give this possibility, for example Fight Aging! or the SENS subreddit. In all honesty I would have the neither time nor the will to manage the discussions that would inevitably result from allowing comments, and particularly, I really don’t want to put up with trolls and spammers, who I fear would be plenty.

If you want to get in touch with me, though, you can; just click the Contact me link on the horizontal menu.

Enjoy your stay 🙂