Ageing and SENS

Before we delve deep into questions like ‘Is ageing a problem?’, ‘Should we stop ageing?’, etc, we should first get a primer on what ageing is, biologically speaking, and what could be a possible way of ‘undoing’ ageing (i.e. rejuvenating people). While there are different schools of thought on both subjects, I focus on the theory and approach to the problem I find more convincing and promising.

What is biological ageing? What is SENS?

Obligatory disclaimer, I’m not a biologist, so you shouldn’t take my word for any of this. If the topic interests you, I recommend you do some research on your own; the Links page should be a good starting point. However, regardless of the biology of ageing and its undoing, the arguments for its undoing still stand, and I’d advise you to read them too thoroughly.

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